Introducing Birmingham's people – 1 – Saxophone Choir of Great Britain

Our photographers took so many great images over the weekend that we can’t wait for our exhibition at The Drum later in the year to show them off. Instead we’re planning to introduce you to a few of the people we met and the portraits we took on our blog. These are portraits almost straight out the camera – we’ve not done a whole lot of editing – and they are a pale imitation of how good they’ll look when we finally print them, frame them, and hang them in the exhibition – but, we hope you’ll agree that they’re still worth seeing.

The first image then –

Some of the liveliest people we met over the weekend were from the National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain a group of over twenty people who came to perform at Artsfest. Sadly, our small studio was too small to hold the full choir, so we invited a small group of them to come and make a portrait with us. The instruments themselves were amazing – one so large we could only just fit it in under the ceiling of our studio. We had to get them to squeeeeeeeze up together just to get them all in shot. Fortunately they took our direction with good grace and we were able to capture a shot or two.

I couldn’t resist asking them for a quick burst of music – and one of the guys obliged with an amazing version of Careless Whisper – played just for me (and all the people walking by at the time). Tremendous.

An incredibly talented bunch of musicians – and lovely people too. I’m rather hoping Artsfest won’t be the last we see of them

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