Birmingham's people – 4 Debra

Debra came to Artsfest with her kids and was a huge amount of fun to work with.

One of the features of our studio system was to link every sitter with a number, so we could match them with their name (and make these posts easier to write!)

The first photo for all of our sitters was them holding up their number to the camera. When it came to choosing a photo for our Artsfest weekend exhibition, Debra was the only one of our sitters who chose the image holding the board.

I think it sums her up – she was creative, funny and charming – and our photographer was able to capture all of that in a candid image. I look at this image and it brings back wonderful memories of the weekend. Her teenage daughters may not agree – like many ladies of their age I think they found mum a bit ’embarrassing’ – though I bet they’d be terrifically proud of her in this image.

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